Mr. prakashbhai is my financial adviser for last 18 months. I have come to appreciate his transparency and honest suggestions. He has very disciplined and systematic approach. He is prompt and thorough in implementation. It has been an enjoyable and meaningful association with him.....
Dr. Uday Desai., Vadodara

I am a practicing Pediatrician in Vadodara. Like every other well qualified Indian Professional, money and wealth was an immense attraction
since the beginning of my career. However, the priorities were not well defined, the goals were
somewhat hazy and the means to build up the savings and a direction for investments was lacking.
Thus in between quite a few misplaced/and or mistimed investments/deposits took place from our
side due to lack of proper know how and even due to undue succumbing of pressure from various
agencies which were just there to lure us.
Meeting Prakash Lohana was a unique experience in itself[ wishing that it had happened a few
years earlier on] which made me and my spouse realize that wealth management is a strategy, it a
science and it needs vision and a direction with a clearly defined objective. Large number of
people are not money savvy and we were no exceptions- there are certain laws that govern the
money management and it would be unwise to think of charting the course on one's own without an
expert advise. Essentially it comes to the fact that we need to manage the money and wealth well
in our present times so that money grows proportionately and our future becomes safe and
secure. That is what is being cared for and being expertly done by Prakash bhai!
Dr.Niranjan Shendurnikar, Vadodara

I am a practicing physician in the United States of America. I have known and invested with Mr.Prakash Lohana, founder of Ascent Financial Solution, since 2007. He is a very knowledgeable and extremely humble individual and his professionalism has been exemplary throughout the time I have known him. He always has time to go over his investment strategies with his clients and has the aptitude to explain his decisions to those who do not have a background in the financial sector.
Mr. Lohana listens to his clients needs, understands their goals, and is able to follow through and deliver results. He has also gone above and beyond by suggesting investments to his clients in which he has no gain; such as; advising how to investment in banks directly.
I feel very fortunate to have come across Mr. Lohana, he has certainly helped me to attain my financial goals.....
Dr. Tandra Mitra,, USA

I am an NRI from United States .Through a common friend I have known Mr.Prakash Lohana, founder of Ascent Financial Solution, for nearly eight years . Initially I was very reluctant to consider investing in India. Following two successive meetings he convinced me why investing in India, is far more fetching than perceived otherwise. In the financial world he is extremely knowledgeable . Three years back he had predicted what the stock market scenario would be today. His market analysis is as precise as it can be. Mr. Lohana makes time to listen to his clients needs, understands their goals, and delivers them results. He has also helped me in picking my funds for 401K in my present job in U.S. He is always very prompt to respond to any queries that I may have.

Mr Lohana is very honest, humble and extremely professional in all his dealings.

I feel extremely lucky to have found Mr. Lohana, as my financial consultant. He has certainly helped me meet my financial goal. I have recommended his name to my friends who are looking for investing in India.....
Dr. Ranjan Dey, USA

I am a practicing Chartered Accountant. Ten years of my practice left with me no time to manage my own finances. I was very cautious in delegating my personal financial matters to anyone.

But when I met with Chief Financial Planner of Ascent I realized that he is the one who is competent and can manage my personal financial matters better than me. Today I am happy of my decision on choosing Ascent as my Financial Planner. They put the best for me.

Nirav Shah – Chartered Accountant
Nirav Shah & Associates.....
Mr. Nirav Shah, Vadodara

Ascent in real sense is an Advisory firm. Unlike most other Financial Advisors they are not sales motivated. Their proactive approach to financial planning has already put me in much stronger position. With their help and advice, I hope to build upon this foundation so that my future is secure.

I think Ascent team is the one that I can completely trust and therefore I have no problem in recommending them to any friends or colleagues.....
Dr. Kuntal Soni, Vadodara